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We provide group hikes to individuals looking to heal their trauma. Our hikes are open to any individual who has experienced a traumatic event. Trauma looks different for everybody. Hike leaders will guide you and offer any kind of support if needed. 

There will be a group topic based on trauma-informed principles during every hike. The purpose is for open discussion, support, and reflection (not required to participate in free discussion; you can just hike with us!).

What do you need to know and bring?

*Nobody is left behind.

*You do not have to share personal experiences to hike with us.

*There is a chosen trauma-informed principle every hike for support group discussion.

*Bring water and snacks.

*Bring bug spray.

*Wear safe and durable hiking boots or sneakers.

*Wear comfortable and weather appropriate clothing (avoid cotton).

Where can I sign up for events?

Click here to join our private Facebook group to keep up to date on current events.

Click here to email us directly to be keep up to date on current events.

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